23 km

Course records:

Men: 2:30:12, Kilian Jornet (2023)

Women: 3:08:47, Emelie Forsberg (2022)

Route description 23 km:

A loop that connects 3 ridges

23 km and 1900 meters elevation gain

Ridge #1 Storaksla: 624 m.a.s. Nice and flowy trail that takes you through the forest and up to the tree line.

Aid stadion #1 Kavlisætra: 490 m.a.s. After 6,5 km and 500 meters of elevation gain.

Ridge #2 Steinberget: 981 m.a.s. After a brutal and steep off trail climb you get a nice view of the fjord. The terrain here is a little more alpine. You get a nice trail going slightly downhill. But don't get too caught up in the view. Suddenly the route turns right down a very technical downhill. After the downhill 23 km turns right on a big trail.

Aid station #2 Loftskarsætra: 470 m.a.s. After 12 km and 1100 meters of elevation gain.

Ridge #3 Loftskarstind-Galtåtind: 1191-1124 m.a.s. After aid station 2 the trail goes slightly uphill in a valley. If you look up and to the left, you'll see the ridge that will take you back towards the finish line. After 2 km in the valley the last steep climb begins. The terrain gets more alpine with big boulders. When you get up on the ridge the "trail" will be more runnable. Here you can experience the true skyrunning feeling. After Galtåtind the routes longest descent begins. 1000 elevation meters of pure downhill running in varied terrain. If you're lucky the descent begins with a larger snow section.

Pictures from the race course