16 km

Starting time: 11:00

Course records:

Men: 1:31:43, Aron Rodal Haugen (2023, old course)

Women: 1:36:47, Ingeborg Synstnes Hole (2023, old course)

Route description 16 km:

A loop that connects 2 ridges

16 km and 1100 meters of elevation gain

Ridge #1 Storaksla: 624 m.a.s. Nice and flowy trail that takes you through the forest and up to the tree line.

Aid stadion #1 Kavlisætra: 490 m.a.s. After 7 km and 600 meters of elevation gain.

Ridge #2 Steinberget: 981 m.a.s. After a brutal and steep off trail climb you get a nice view of the fjord. The terrain here is a little more alpine. You get a nice trail going slightly downhill. But don't get too caught up in the view. Suddenly the route turns right down a very technical downhill. After the downhill the 16 km turns left on a big trail that will take you down towards the finish line.